Dienstl Estate Riding Camps: Play, Fun, Adventure


Holiday with Horses


A riding holiday in Carinthia – that is a special experience. Our riding camps offer children the possibility of being surrounded by mountains and lakes, letting go and simply having fun. Enjoyment for the whole family! Children enjoy the company of horses every day and parents can have time for themselves.

The children start the day with breakfast at approximately 8 a.m., and then join the horses straight away. Mucking out, saddling and riding till they drop, hosing down the horses and letting them graze. After lunch the programme consists of swimming, playing, doing crafts and helping around the stables.
There is no TV at the camp, instead there is a fun programme. Spending time with friends, exploring nature and listening to exciting tales around the campfire in the evenings – fantastic, isn’t it?
The children also spend the nights in nature – round about the campfire are log cabins in which only children can sleep. These cabins each have 2 bunk beds, a table, corner seating and small wardrobes. Showers and toilets are in the shower block nearby.
For beginners there is a gentle start: lessons on the lunge. For those who are more confident, the lessons are off the lunge in the arena, at jumping practice or on a trek.
The ’Dienstl Estate Jumping and Obstacle Course Competition’ and award ceremony concludes the camp week. Here the children can show off their newly-acquired riding skills.
The Dienstl Estate Team wishes all horse lovers a lot of fun!