We have 400 years of recorded tradition. Let yourself be impressed by the charm of the gorgeous Hotel Dienstl Estate. Here in Carinthia,
vacations are meant to be relaxed and carefree. Dip into the holiday spirit, away from everyday concerns.
Immerse yourself in the traditional landscape yet enjoy the modern amenities on offer.
What will your first impressions be upon arrival? The splendour of the buildings or the magic of the natural setting?


The Recent History of Hotel Dienstl Estate


Since 2011 the Estate is owned by the Danish businessman Kurt Daell. As a little boy he was adopted by a Danish family and since then he has lived in Copenhagen. After completing a law degree, he set up a chain of retail businesses in Denmark and Sweden. Despite his success, he never forgot his place of birth, St. Veit. He was particularly taken with the magnificent setting of the Dienstl Estate and when he heard it was for sale, he didn’t hesitate and bought it outright. In order to escape his business pressures, the native Carinthian likes to return to his roots. Hence the Dienstl Estate becomes his preferred holiday destination every summer.


Two independent estates are merged.


Anton Dienstl becomes the new owner of the manor. He gave the estate its name.


The estate is owned by a series of different farmers.
In 1849 it was first referred to as Dienstl Estate.


Creation of the riding centre.


The estate is taken over by the Dienstl Estate Company and is developed into one of the leading equestrian centres.