Our manor house encompasses both tradition and modernity. Lovingly restored rooms with impressive views over the untouched Carinthian rural landscape present a rustic charm. The country house hotel is part of a wider estate which includes the ‘Reiterhof’, our equestrian centre. On horseback you can experience idyllic villages, historical buildings and the captivating natural setting of the Carinthian landscape. Take a walk in the native forests, undertake sporty excursions or admire historical sights on a bicycle – the Dienstl Estate with its charming environs invites you to treat your senses to rich new experiences.



The Dienstl Estate in Carinthia – born in the romance of the past but embracing the present with flair and playful charm. Immerse yourself in the rich past of the manor house and be amazed at the history of the surrounding area.



At the heart of Dienstl Estate are our horses. We believe in a respectful, conscious interaction with humans, animals and nature.
Take time and savour the beautiful things in life, be present in the moment and feel gratitude for what we have.
Switch off, let go and become one with nature.



Central Carinthia, the area around the city Sankt Veit and Lake Längsee, has much to offer: cultural treasures such as castles and palaces, as well as mountains and lakes, shopping opportunities and much more. A vacation in Carinthia can be both active and relaxing at the same time.



A warm welcome awaits you both in summer and in winter. We have warm, clear lakes for swimming and boating, a rolling landscape, excellent cycle and hiking paths during the summer months and the magic of the ski piste on local mountains in winter.
Whatever you enjoy doing, Carinthia offers opportunities for every taste.